Jamilah Barnes

Jamilah is a successful serial entrepreneur leading her firm, JBC LLC (JB Consulting LLC) for the past 16+ years. She works as a creative Senior Executive with a proven track record of maximizing results. She has over 23 years of experience in Business Development / Management / Coaching, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Sponsorship Solicitation, Strategic Partnerships, Entrepreneur Support and Strategy, Event Production & Management, Family Estate Liaison & Advisor and NonProfit Consulting.  Additionally she is a Self-Published Author, TV/Film Producer and most recently, has become the inventor of a new food packaging product that is currently Patent Pending product where she plans to be an industry disrupter, in a good way!

University of Delaware 2021 Innovator & Entrepreneur Award     Honor Circle Honoree 2021             National Black MBA Association

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My Mother, Her Lover & Me

by Jamilah B. Creekmur, Valli Lampkin and Wayne Lampkin, Sr.
with Aliya S. King, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Keep the
Faith: A Memoir by Faith Evans

“For sixteen years, my mother’s hands represented strength to me…And then, one night, my mother’s hands became a weapon…’That’s my man,’ she said. Her voice was a low, hoarse whisper. The way she snarled at me made the skin at the back of my neck tingle… ’Don’t you ever’ – she slammed my head down – ‘Ever’ – slammed it down again – ‘Step to my man. You hear me?!’… What hurt more than any physical pain was the fact that this woman was my own mother. But what really hurt me was that it was all over a man. And it was over her man. A man who was not my father. A man who was not even her husband… She’d looked at me with sheer hatred in her eyes. All because I’d dare to challenge a man who I believed had no business in our house at all.”


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